We facilitate outside time - providing room for exploration, risk taking, freedom and a deeper connection with nature.  1 in 5 kids suffers from anxiety, nature is the perfect antidote.  


Our Mission

The benefits of nature are profound on the human body and spirit.  Our brains have to process more information and our bodies have to be more agile.  However, unlike time spent with technology, we are left feeling revitalised, energised and are left with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction...a feeling that we have invested in our well-being.   Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is your family calendar booked solid with events?   
  2. Do you yearn for some 'spare time', but find it hard to make the space in your schedule?
  3. Is every activity structured, timed and organised? 
  4. Are your kids rarely bored because you have a line up of events?  

If you are nodding your head to these questions, the chances are that your child is feeling this too.  These are common pressures of a modern urban life and our mission is to provide a break or an antidote by allowing kids a sense of freedom, a chance to explore time and challenge the notion of boredom.  By providing kids with space to think, a chance to explore a skill with a sense of purpose, we are aiming to motivate kids to be self-sufficient, free-thinkers.   

Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose
— Dan Pink on motivation