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Our approach

Our own experience as parents has led us to believe that many holiday programs can be lack lustre, repetitive and leave kids feeling disinterested.  Large groups often mean that some kids can be 'left behind' and staff don't have the time or resources to be able to re-connect these kids who get lost in the pack.  Our approach is founded on the following principles and child safety standards:

  • Kids are respected.
  • We work in small groups and every child is an important member of the team.
  • We only hire experienced, highly qualified staff who engage and coach kids.
  • Our staff to student ratio is significantly improved on government standards.
  • Our motto is S.H.I.N.E - Safety, Happiness, Inclusion, Never Give Up and Exploration.

Our Program

Our holiday program offers two levels of experiences:

  1. Junior Explorers - aged between 8-12 years old

Our Junior Explorers are placed in small groups and receive comprehensive instruction through their experiences. 

  1. Teen Explorers - aged 12+

Our teens are offered more freedom around their experience.  We guide and facilitate, allowing them more space to socialise and work on fostering friendships while they work.  

Since we began, we have discovered that variety is the key to engaging kids during the school holidays.  Have a look at a typical day for one of our Explorers. Our school holiday experiences have included:

  • Surfing
  • Stand up paddle boarding
  • Rock climbing and abseiling
  • Camping
  • Wilderness survival skills
  • Navigation
  • Ball sports and active sports
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Raft making

We are always open to trying a new adventure....the list will continue to grow...

Adventure: an unusual and exciting or daring experience.
— Oxford English Dictionary