How do I know where you go and what you do on each day?

Our location and activities are dependant on weather and conditions.  We select what we do and where we go based on these conditions and the suitability to the group on the day.  We will provide you with an overview of our planned activities and locations before the holiday program commences.  On any given day your child may find themselves following trails on a bush walk, or SUP'ing alongside penguins! Our explorers should come prepared for anything... it's all part of the adventure!   Have a look at a day in the life of an Explorer.


What does my child need to bring?

We will provide fruit, water and some simple food for hungry kids.  Your child needs:

  • Stable walking shoes
  • Clothes suitable for all conditions (including sun protection)
  • A towel, swimmers
  • A can-do attitude!
  • Water bottle 
  • Back pack or a suitable bag for collecting belongings

For the multi-day camps we will provide a detailed packing list well in advance.


Can you take kids with a disability, medical condition or dietary requirement?

If you are concerned about a disability, medical condition or dietary requirement, please inform us when you make a booking.  In consultation with you and if necessary a heath care professional, we can help determine what kind of support your child will need if required.  We believe that every kids has the right to a full life and will take every measure to assist your child to enjoy the day in as safe a way as possible.  

In the unlikely event of an emergency, all of our staff posses First Aid qualifications including CPR, Anaphylaxis and Asthma.  In addition, we have an emergency evacuation procedure should your child require any urgent medical attention.

What is your definition of risk taking? 

Managing risk is an important aspect of what we do.  Risk is everywhere and our view is that you need to identify potential hazards and then put in place controls that mitigate risks.  Of course, some hazards are too great, but where it is safe to do so, kids need to learn the importance of managing risk to overcome fear, anxiety and to be able to reach their full potential.  Our risk principles are:

  • Safety is the first word on our mantra S.H.I.N.E. for good reason. (Safety, Happiness, Inclusion, No problem to great, Explore.)  Safety allows us to be happy, include others, work through problems and explore the planet.
  • However, hazards are all around us, our view is that many risks can be managed with proper planning, preparation and an ability to be flexible with our plans.  By planning, we can mitigate an avoid unnecessary risks.
  • Our risk and safety management procedures were developed in conjunction with an independent professional risk management firm.  
  • All our staff are trained in risk management - we follow the Dept. of Education guidelines for outdoor activities.
  • Each day the kids complete a risk assessment based on our location and activity - they are part of the planning and decision making, thus empowering them with risk awareness skills.
  • Specialist activities are facilitated by experienced Instructors with the necessary skills or qualifications to facilitate a safe experience.  

We booked a place on your program, but my child was sick and couldn't attend - will I get a refund?

We do recognise that kids get sick, however we can't offer a refund for any last minute cancellations. In making a booking you accept and acknowledge that you have read our terms and conditions and cancellation policy